Soliya pulls intellectual resources together on program design, outreach, and impact. We work in collaboration with the following partners to pursue shared strategic goals.

United Nations Partnerships

The UNAOC is a project of UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan that aims “to reduce tensions across cultural divides that threaten to inflame existing political conflicts or trigger new ones.” Through a partnership established in 2009 with the release of a joint publication, Soliya and UNAOC work in collaboration to empower communities and networks of young people to build skills in cross-cultural communication and collaboration and the use of media and communication technologies.

The UN Habitat endorses Soliya’s Facilitation Training, so each person who completes the Advanced Facilitation Training and facilitates a full semester of the Connect Program receives a joint certificate from the UN and Soliya.


Evaluation Partnerships

In 2009, Soliya established a collaborative research and evaluation partnership with the Saxelab Social Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and more recently with the Annenberg School for Communication at University of Pennsylvania. Our research partners conduct independent evaluation of the Connect Program; their rigorous evaluation has consistently shown substantial learning among participants in four key areas essential to effective citizenship in an increasingly diverse and connected world.

Together we are working to develop new methodologies for assessing the impact of cross-cultural experiences both online and in-person. We believe that this is a critical component of ensuring the field as a whole is effectively creating knowledge, attitude, and behavior change on an individual and group level.


Strategic Partnerships

Soliya has a strategic partnership with Search for Common Ground (SFCG), the largest international peacebuilding organization in the world. SFCG and Soliya collaborate on global projects to maximize the reach and impact of our programming.

In 2011, Soliya co-founded the Virtual Exchange Coalition with iEarn and Global Nomads Group to professionalize and expand the field of virtual exchange. Harnessing the collective 30 years of experience of its members, the Virtual Exchange Coalition collaborates on research, outreach, advocacy, and evaluation to build recognition of field programming, practices, and impact.

Soliya collaborates with Sharing Perspectives Foundation (SPF) to advocate for increased use and recognition of virtual exchange across Europe. SPF is founded by Soliya alumnus, facilitator, coach, and trainer Casper van der Heijden. 


We are grateful for the partnerships and advisory efforts provided by Aspen Institute, MacArthur Foundation, United State Institute of Peace, Peace Tech Lab and McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies, University of Massachusetts, Boston.