Alexandria Ahrendsen

Senior Facilitator; Facilitation Fellow, Spring 2019

Country of Origin: USA

Date started with Soliya: 2012

Education: Masters of Arts in War Studies and Intelligence, King’s College London, 2010; and Masters of Science in International Relations with specialized focus in National Security, Troy University, 2014

One accomplishment you're proud of: Earning two masters degrees, because I did not even think I would make it to college, let alone get a masters degree. At nineteen years old I embarked on a life altering medical journey that included, among other things, seven spinal cord operations. I truly thought that this would stop me from reaching my life goals, but in the end after coming to accept my new reality I realized that most of my goals were still in reach, including going to college.

What about Soliya inspires/motivates you to be involved? I always say that I wish Soliya existed for me when I was younger. When I look back on when I first started my journey of traveling, working, and studying abroad, I see a girl who was scared of the world and knew very little about life outside of the United States. If I would have had a chance to be a participant or facilitator with Soliya, I would not have waited so long to embrace all that the world has to offer!

What can you be found doing when not working/facilitating/training? On my down time I like to spend my time with my Australian Shepard, Riddick. He is very high energy so we spend a lot of time going to the dog park and making new friends! When I get a break from dog duties, I like to spend my time making cards for upcoming holidays or birthdays.

Favorite food: Kalbi (Korean BBQ short ribs)