Soliya Team

Board of Directors

Soliya has a dynamic and talented board of directors that guide our team.

Tareef Kawaf


Shamil Idriss


Kirsten Wrinkle


Kathy Hubbard


Jason Purvor


Barbara Ibrahim


Our Team

Our diverse global team is comprised of practitioners, academics, and emerging leaders in the fields of conflict resolution/peacebuilding, social entrepreneurship, technology, and international education. Representing 15 countries from 8 locations, we work to foster lasting change through constructive dialogue and collaboration.


Waidehi Gokhale


Salma Elbeblawi

Chief Program Officer

Rahima Bensaid

Director, Finance & Operations

Nahid Ahmed

Director, Connect Program

Marie Jones

Program Manager, First Year Connect

Lucky Islam

Officer, Finance & Operations

Heather Harkess

Facilitation Manager, Connect Program

Faisal Al-Juburi

External Affairs Specialist

Erkinaz Shuminov

Officer, Development

Chloe Zimmerman

Specialist, Media

Ayca Ariyoruk

Director, Global Partnerships and Communication

Amy Lyon

Coordinator, Social Media

Alexandria Ahrendsen

Coordinator, First Year Connect

Tyler Allen

Coordinator, First Year Connect

Soliya Tunisia

Nada Mrabet

Senior Coordinator, Facilitation Training Program

Myriam Labidi

Program Manager, Connect Program

Moataz Sayari

Officer, Connect Program

Khouloud Taieb

Coordinator, Connect Program

Khamsa Harabi

Coordinator, Connect Program

Feryel Zrida

Coordinator, Operations

Fadhel Abouda

Coordinator, Facilitation Training Program

Elyess Riahi

Coordinator, Connect Program

Dorra Amara

Senior Officer, Youth Engagement

Amany Ben Lakhdar

Officer, Partnerships & Outreach

Ahmed Ghamgui

Manager, Finance & Operations

Adnen Ben Hadj Yahia

Officer, Partnerships & Outreach


Sergey Garbar

Officer, Information Technology

Rafael Tyszblat

Specialist, Innovation & Design

Nada Emad

Coordinator, Connect Program

Katja Riikonen

Manager, Facilitation Training Program and Specialist, Virtual Exchange & Design

Julia Rafalovska

Officer, Information Technology

Heba Abdelaziz

Officer, Connect Program

Asma Abdelrahman

Officer, Connect Program

Andrey Revenko

Senior Officer, Information Technology

Andrey Lipskyi

Developer, Information Technology

Roman Kuntyi

Developer, Information Technology

Soliya Network

The Soliya Network is the extraordinary community of graduate students, young professionals, and program alumni who serve as facilitators, coaches, and trainers to advance our shared mission of promoting more cooperative and compassionate relations across differences. Working alongside our team, this community makes the Connect Program and the Facilitation Training Program possible. Meet some members of this diverse community and learn how to get involved here.