Chaima Aouadi

Senior Facilitator

Country of origin: Tunisia

Date started with Soliya: 2017

Education and field of work: Holder of a bachelor in English literature, linguistics, and culture. I am currently pursuing an MA in English and American Studies in Germany and will be graduating this year. I am also working as an English teacher, which is an interesting and dynamic job.

One accomplishment you're proud of: I am particularly proud of my former activity as a debate trainer where I was able to present debate as a constructive tool to high schoolers and university students and train them to harbour it in their communicative skills. My work was under the frame of a youth program organised by the British Council and I believe my participation helped guide Tunisian youth after the revolution in terms of critical thinking and awareness of their lives and their environment.

What about Soliya inspires/motivates you to be involved? I consider Soliya an extension to my previous voluntary work in debate because it involves orienting young people to become active thinkers, which is a very critical and worthy purpose. The world is full of uncertainties and abundant challenges and if Soliya offers a virtual cross-cultural journey that helps people become more attentive, knowledgeable, and well-operating under these crucial times, then I am always on board.

What can you be found doing when not working/facilitating/training? Baking delicious cakes, cooking, road trips, and playing card games and chess.

Favorite food: Anything involving fish and spices, cannelloni, and lasagna.