Ikram Ben talha

1YC Fellow Summer 2020; Facilitation Fellow Spring 2020; Senior Facilitator

Country of origin: Morocco

Date started with Soliya: 2016

Education and field of work: As a Masters student in English Literature and the History of Ideas, I am experienced in strategic and cross-cultural dialogue facilitation. I work to support a global understanding of difference and I advocate for youth political participation. I work as the vice president of a local organization (MADS) that focuses on the development of a clean and healthy environment. I am also very active in the pedagogical field working to support a good quality education. I am a public speaker, debate exchange team leader, and Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange facilitator.

One accomplishment you're proud of: Being part of a network that is bigger than me. I have formed small cross-cultural families with every Soliyan group that I facilitated and I am very happy to say that I managed to stay in touch with almost all of my participants up to this very day. Seeing them continue to grow outside of Soliya makes me see the magic that dialogue can work.

What about Soliya inspires/motivates you to be involved? There is a recipe that makes me unable to skip a semester and not be involved with Soliya. One tablespoon of empathy, a full cup of critical awareness, and spices of activation towards change. Once you know what a Soliyan family tastes like, you always come back for more.

What can you be found doing when not working/facilitating/training? Studying, singing, reading, debating, or volunteering.

Favorite food: Italian food and hummus.