Intidhar Andolsi

Senior Facilitator; Spring 2020 CP Facilitation Fellow

Date started with Soliya: 2017 

Country of origin: Tunis, Tunisia

Field of work: Holder of a Master’s degree in Intercultural Studies and Media. Field of work: virtual education & cultural competence.

One accomplishment you're proud of: As the CEO of a national Tunisian NGO, my priorities have always been increasing the impact of our projects and improving the leadership experience of our leaders. I’m very proud of the fact that this year's projects are earning Satisfaction Rate — with 98% of youth rating it as “very empowering,” compared to just 63% who rated the previous year's projects that way.

What can you be found doing when not working/facilitating/training? Generating innovative research in cross-cultural competence and emotional intelligence.

Favorite food: Tunisian traditional food: couscous, tajin, brik, etc.