Matthew Johnson

Senior Facilitator

Country of origin: USA

Date started with Soliya: 2010

Education and field of work: Freelance writer, Peace and Conflict Studies scholar, and UX Designer (in training)

One accomplishment you're proud of: As of late, it has to be my ability to hold down a serious and fulfilling relationship while under-employed and transitioning to an entirely new career, which is always difficult. Time will only tell how great of an accomplishment it becomes. 

What about Soliya inspires/motivates you to be involved? Soliya holds the solution to a major problem in the world. The problem is that people tend to rush to judgment — leading to prejudice, racism, etc. — without bothering to learn about or communicate with the targets of their ignorance. Soliya gives people the opportunity to speak to those they may mistrust or fear in an organized and innovative way. For many of my students, Soliya was their first real interaction with a Muslim, Christian, atheist, vegan, etc. 

What can you be found doing when not working/facilitating/training? I like to read, write, and do normal things like go to bars, watch TV (even sports), and work out. When I have the money to do it, traveling is my favorite activity. Cultural artifacts and natural wonders are my favorite things to witness. 

Favorite food: Hummus. No matter where I am, I will always be tired irrevocably to the Mediterranean through my love of hummus.