AUS students win first MENA Prize for Excellence in Soliya’s International Exchange Initiative

July 05, 2020

Connect Program alumni at the American University of Sharjah (AUS) in the UAE were recognized for their participation in Soliya's virtual exchange program, receiving first-place in their institution's MENA Prize for Excellence! Dr. Sara Farhan, Assistant Professor of International Studies at AUS, remarked on the value of the Connect Program during the pandemic: “The program proved to be an excellent alternative to peer-interaction when our university transitioned to virtual learning. Most of my students were isolated at home or in the dorms and others were called back to their home institution. As a result, many of these students could only interact with each other through the virtual exchange platform. I appreciated the fact the students had an outlet that prevented them from isolation. Some students reported that they ‘hung-out’ with each other even after the program had concluded.” Congratulations to the 31 alumni! Read the full article here

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