Becoming Better Global Leaders Amidst a Pandemic

January 13, 2021

"The program helped me refocus my way of participating in conversations. I was able to step back and assess myself as a listener and a speaker. I engaged in dialogue with a diverse group of people who helped me remember just how large and interesting the world is." Nezar Nokrachi, fall 2020 Connect Program alumnus at Seton Hall University, reflects on the virtual exchange experience in an article by fellow student Daniela A. Maquera Sardon. ''In a world that so often decides between 'right' and 'wrong' on a purely subjective basis, the program challenged students to put aside individual ego and self-assertion, and instead to find solutions by listening to others' points of view," adds Sardon. We are glad to see virtual exchange being picked up by diplomacy students. Thank you, Buccino Leadership Institute at Seton Hall School of Diplomacy and International Relations, for participating in Soliya's Connect Program!

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