Bridges of Understanding


The founders of the fellow 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization Bridges of Understanding remain committed now more than ever to the principles of global citizenship, empowering everyday individuals with a respect for our shared humanity through programs that foster strong bonds between and amongst those of disparate cultures and communities.   


In this field that seeks to inspire rising generations of civic leaders, we are all emboldened to promote even further the exchange of ideas and personal narratives that remind us to learn from, rather than repeat, history.  And, for all peoples worldwide, we ensure that Bridges of Understanding’s signature mantra over the past decade rings loud and clear: 

Let’s Stand Together


As such, we are pleased to recognize that Bridges of Understanding has entered into an agreement to merge into Soliya, pending the approval of the Office of the New York Attorney General — marking an exciting new chapter of sustainable growth in content development and capacity for our mission-driven constituencies.


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