A Conversation About Virtual Empathy - Interview with Waidehi Gokhale

June 01, 2020

What did we learn from the pandemic? Is there a silver lining? Soliya CEO Waidehi Gokhale was interviewed by Daniel Cervan-Gil, Manager of Programs at the Global Centre for Pluralism, about the impact of covid-19 on human connection, virtual exchange, the digital divide, and empathy. Waidehi remarks: "Even if the leaders around the world were being dissonant, the medical community lent each other support, engaging with each other collaboratively, and that’s where the vaccine is going to come from. The way we did good and made progress in this moment...all involved a lean into the idea of empathy, compassion, cohesion, collaboration. That’s where the wins are going to come from...The silver lining has to be the hope that people will reflect and understand the notions of empathy as a hard skill and practice that we all need to commit to." Watch the interview here

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