Soliya Dinner for 8 Program

January 12, 2014

This fall, Soliya successfully piloted a new community engagement activity for our volunteers: Dinner for 8. Dinner for 8 is a Soliya-hosted virtual gathering bringing together 8 people from the Soliya community with some of the most thought-provoking leaders in the fields of international relations, dialogue, community engagement, and new media politics.The dinners are interactive working-style sessions aimed at engaging the community with experts, offering meaningful encounters, and gaining insights into best practices. The guests featured in the pilot program were: Shamil Idriss- CEO of Soliya, Hal Saunders- Founder and President of International Institute for Sustained Dialogue, and Fadi Rabieh- Co-Manager of Council of Religious Institutions of the Holy Land. During the lively sessions, the participants and the guest engaged in discussions related to trends in peace building, sustained dialogue, and trust building, as well as the importance of a solid political framework for the success of people-to-people initiatives. They also discussed and shared best practices related to facilitation, dealing with unwilling participants, and post-conflict transformative dialogue.Soliya will be reviewing the results of the pilot and the feedback we received from participants and re-launching the series in 2014 with new improvements based on feedback and suggestions from our community.

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