Soliya on Spanish TV

February 12, 2016

Soliya was featured on Spanish TV! Check out this video from RTVE (Radio Televisión Española), with coverage on Soliya beginning at the 6:26 mark:

Here is the translation into English from Spanish:

Host: The use of technology has also allowed us to have virtual exchanges such that a person can get to know the thoughts of another person, who lives on the other side of the world, with respect to a conflict or a political situation. 
Antonella Broglia: Yes.
H: Impressive.
Antonella Broglia: Very interesting. This operation is called Soliya, the creation of two American social entrepreneurs, a media specialist named Lucas Welch, and Liza Chambers who’s an expert in dialogue for peace. And the idea is exchange: for example, I am from New York, I have a lot of prejudices about you, so I speak to you and get to discover why you are the way you are. Things change, we can understand one another and find common ground. Therefore, we get to know each other virtually. It’s a virtual ‘conference room’ where we meet for two hours a week to have dialogue. 
H: I love it.
Antonella Broglia: And this exchange program already exists in 100 universities in 17 countries. There are thousands and thousands of young people who have gone through it. And it’s very interesting, you have facilitators so that people don’t fight and to maintain a pacific discussion, which is great. It’s very productive because it’s a conflict-prevention program.   

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