RTVE: A point with La 2

Antonella Broglia talks about social innovation in search of peace showing us some examples around the world.

Counter Violent Extremism Summit

President Obama launches the Virtual Exchange Initiative.

Foreign Policy

The Real eHarmony by Sheldon Himelfarb.

University of Padova

Students Discuss Soliya by Federico Milanesi.

Al-Fanar Media

Beyond Facebook: Deeper Online Cultural Exchange by Mohamed Elmeshad.

U.S. News & World Report

Online Study Abroad Benefits Students and American Foreign Policy by Gene Hickok and Lucas Welch.

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Online Program Connects Students across Cultural and National Borders by Ursula Lindsey.

CNN International

Hala Gourani profiles Soliya’s Connect Program for CNN International's “Inside the Middle East.”

Link TV: Real Conversations

Followed the discussions of one group of students in Soliya's Connect Program through all of their ten weekly meetings. These thoughtful young people ponder social, political and religious views in forthright yet respectful discussion. But more importantly, they learn more about each other, and grow wiser through the window of mutual understanding.