Everything we do at Soliya combines best practices for constructive dialogue with innovative new media technology to shift the way societies resolve their differences from a confrontational and coercive approach to one defined by cooperation and compassion.

Connect Program
Our flagship Connect Program targets post-secondary youth, bringing them together in small, diverse groups for facilitated discussions on social and global topics. Learn More » graduation-hat.png

First Year Connect (1YC)
Now in its initial pilot year, 1YC adapts our signature approach to dialgoue across difference for US students as they prepare to begin their college experience. Learn More » desktopwithpeople.png

Global Circles
Global Circles are short facilitated dialogue exchange opportunities that bring together a diverse group of young people to explore an urgent theme affecting the global landscape today. Learn More » globe-orange.png

Facilitation Training Program
Through our Facilitation Training programs, graduate students, young professionals, and qualified Connect Program alumni develop and hone their facilitation, leadership, and virtual engagement skills. Learn More » training-icon.png

Virtual Exchange Solutions
Through customized dialogue and training programs, we empower organizations and individuals with the experience, relationships, and behaviors to foster constructive, actionable civic discourse around issues that threaten to fracture our societies. Learn More » desktopwithpeople.png

Engagement Programs
Alumni of the Connect Program access a suite of trainings related to facilitation, issue mapping, convening dialogue, media production, and social media. Graduates of the Facilitated Training program are supported in convening community dialogue series to tackle local issues and maximize change-oriented results. Learn More » persononstairs.png