A woman wearing a headset looks at her laptop, which shows a Soliya Connect Program in session.

Custom Solutions

With 13 years of experience in designing and implementing innovative virtual exchange programs, Soliya has built expertise in key areas:


  • Virtual dialogue program design & implementation browser-code.png
  • Facilitation, mediation, consulting, coaching, & training training-icon-alt.png
  • Inclusive leadership training & practice leadership.png
  • Media training microphone.png
  • Intercultural communication coaching & training intercultural-communication.png
  • Team work & collaborative problem solving hand-shake.png
  • Conflict resolution training people-holding-hands.png

Our Custom Solutions team aims to work with prospective partners on designing, advising on, and collaborating to implement new program models based on partner needs.



Platform for Collaboration

Soliya’s Exchange Portal is a proprietary advanced communication platform where groups can interact synchronously over live video sessions. 

The Exchange Portal is designed to provide custom session experience to users based on their network bandwidth, enabling users with poor network bandwidth to participate in live sessions. Moreover, Soliya's Exchange Portal provides educators with powerful management tools to review the performance of students and track their progress as well as manage the course content.

Soliya platform features:

  • Video & audio live sessions supporting up to 24 people live.png
  • Cross-platform support devices-alt.png
  • Online breakout rooms laptop-with-speach-bubbles.png
  • Screen sharing screen-sharing.png
  • Whiteboard, chat box, quizzes, & polls whiteboard.png
  • Sessions recording & playback recording.png
  • Performance review & tracking raiting.png
  • Auto certificates certificate-alt.png
  • Asynchronous communication off the session time communication.png
  • Data management & processing data.png


What we can bring to your Company

What we can bring to your Organization

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