Facilitation Training

Facilitators are integral to Soliya’s mission: the quality and rigor of Connect Program sessions rely on the highly skilled and extensively trained facilitator community. This global community draws from a wide range of professions and backgrounds and represents a variety of interests, politics, countries, and cultures. But all share a curiosity about the world and a passion for engaging an inclusive, diverse community in constructive dialogue.

Led by an experienced trainer, participants meet in small online group sessions to develop and practice the necessary dialogue facilitation, technology, and conflict resolution skills to guide and deepen cross-cultural discussions. By engaging in an interactive group learning process with an international training group, participants also build key 21st Century skills including critical thinking and cross-cultural communication and collaboration.

Facilitation training also includes a practicum of facilitating one semester in Soliya’s Connect Program; after doing so, successful facilitators receive a United Nations Advanced Facilitation Training Certification and will be invited to continue as volunteer facilitators in the Connect Program.

Facilitation Training includes the following components:

Skill-building activities in various facilitation tools such as active listening, summarizing and reframing, making observations, and addressing diverse group dynamics. people.png

Opportunities for hands-on facilitation practice with other trainees and extensive, individualized feedback from trainers. thumbs-up.png

Open discussions on issues that will be addressed in the Connect Program to build self-awareness among facilitators about their own perspectives and facilitation style. speach.png

Practice working with online tools to promote constructive online engagement and communication. laptop-with-globe.png

Discussions of relevant academic materials on facilitation and conflict resolution theory. discussion.png

Become a Facilitator

Recognizing the key role that quality facilitation plays in supporting meaningful cross-cultural dialogue and, more broadly, in how we deal with conflict, Soliya designed trainings that teach facilitation and conflict resolution skills that are applicable to a variety of professional interpersonal interactions, as well as the unique experience of the Connect Program. 

Through our Facilitation Training and Practicum Program you can become part of Soliya's mission, develop your skills in facilitation and leading virtual exchange, and connect to our international community.

As a facilitator with Soliya, you will gain:

An opportunity to get hands-on experience facilitating cross-cultural dialogue. globe-orange.png

Extensive training relevant to both in-person and online group facilitation. training-icon.png

An opportunity to work closely with a partner from across the globe and to be part of an extraordinary international network of volunteers. heads.png

Build 21st century skills such as leadership and initiative, critical thinking and problem solving, cross cultural communication and collaboration, and teamwork. conversation.png

Access to Soliya’s dialogue facilitation resources and online learning materials. rubix-cube.png

Experience working with a growing international non-profit organization. people-alt.png

Access to continued development and training through Soliya’s volunteer growth path and unique engagement opportunities and workshops provided to our community. hand-leafs.png

Soliya’s Advanced Facilitation Training Certificate endorsed by the UN Habitat after completion of the training practicum. certificate.png

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