Facilitation Training

Learn online facilitated dialogue with us!

In the past 20 years, Soliya has trained thousands of people around the world in the art of online dialogue facilitation. The trainings focus on best practices of online facilitation and communication but the skills learnt are also relevant to the in-person context.

Our trainings are designed both for professionals and those new to dialogue facilitation. With our trainings, you can learn the basic tools of dialogue facilitation, or deepen your understanding of facilitation and gain experience in facilitating and promoting constructive engagement in the online context. 

With our trainings, you can also become a Virtual Exchange facilitator, and join the global network of facilitators. Facilitators are integral to the mission of virtual exchange programming: They are trained to act as third parties who help a group have a constructive, respectful, and authentic dialogue on various topics of (mutual) interest.

Facilitators seek to elicit self-group awareness, understanding and effective cross-cultural communication by being are multi-partial and neutral process leaders, and by providing a safe and effective learning environment. Facilitators are trained in utilizing a diverse set of facilitation tools to foster such awareness and learning and address various group dynamics.

As a facilitator with Soliya, you will gain:

An opportunity to get hands-on experience facilitating cross-cultural dialogue. globe-orange.png

Extensive training relevant to both in-person and online group facilitation. training-icon.png

An opportunity to work closely with a partner from across the globe and to be part of an extraordinary international network of professionals. heads.png

21st century skills such as leadership and initiative, critical thinking and problem solving, cross cultural communication and collaboration, and teamwork. conversation.png

Access to Soliya’s dialogue facilitation resources and online learning materials. rubix-cube.png

High-quality training: the Advanced training received the outstanding NPS score of 84% in the trainings in 2019-2020. people-alt.png

Access to continued development and training through Soliya’s volunteer growth path and unique engagement opportunities and workshops provided to our community. hand-leafs.png

Soliya’s Advanced Facilitation Training Certificate endorsed by the UN Habitat after completion of the Advanced Facilitation Training and one semester of facilitation practicum. certificate.png

To become a virtual exchange facilitator with us you must first successfully complete our facilitation training program. More info below.

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Throughout the year, we run two training formats:

Advanced Facilitation Training: 20 hours with live online training group and trainers focusing on Advanced dialogue facilitation skills and strategies

Introduction to Online Dialogue Facilitation: 10-hours of asynchronous, interactive online course on the foundations of online dialogue facilitation

Both formats are accessible from anywhere in the world as long as you have a high-speed internet connect, webcam, and headset.

Advanced Facilitation Training includes the following components:

Skill-building activities in various facilitation tools such as active listening, summarizing and reframing, making observations, and addressing diverse group dynamics. people.png

Opportunities for hands-on facilitation practice with other trainees and extensive, individualized feedback from trainers. thumbs-up.png

Open discussions on issues that will be addressed in the Virtual Exchange dialogue programs to build self-awareness among facilitators about their own perspectives and facilitation style. speach.png

Practice working with online tools to promote constructive online engagement and communication. laptop-with-globe.png

Learning materials on dialogue facilitation and cross-cultural communication. discussion.png

Application information:

Applications for training cycles are received throughout the year; however, please find more info below about upcoming training cycles and deadlines. Please email training@soliya.net with any questions/concerns.

To apply to join the training in English, please submit an application here.

To apply to join the training in French, please submit an application here.

To apply to join the training in Arabic, please submit an application here.


Information on scholarships


Upcoming trainings:

Introduction to Online Dialogue Facilitation

January Introduction to Online Dialogue Facilitation

April Introduction to Online Dialogue Facilitation

Advanced Training

Spring Advanced Facilitation Training – Long format


Professional Development Trainings

Soliya offers several professional development workshops as an opportunity to the general global public to learn from Soliya’s best practices for online facilitation and engagement, as well as resources for continued learning to our community. These workshops consist of live interactive sessions held on our custom video conferencing platform.

  • Duration: either one or two sessions of 2 hours each

  • Time Commitment: 2 to 4 hours of live training

  • Language: English

  • Cost: $75 / participant, special rates for Soliya facilitators 

  • How to Apply: Email training@soliya.net to schedule a workshop specifically for your team. (minimum group of 8 to start a workshop)

Upcoming Workshops

  • Constructive online engagement

  • Constructive online engagement - teacher edition

  • Constructive communication in times of tension

  • Building empathy online

  • Managing emotions in online discussions

  • Communicating in multicultural environments  

  • Convening people in dialogue