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Training Opportunities

These training opportunities allow you to benefit from Soliya’s expertise in Virtual Exchange and online cross-cultural dialogue facilitation. We design interactive hands-on training programs ranging from introducing the fundamental principles of managing online group dynamics and implementing virtual exchanges, to more specialized training on managing difficult conversation, building empathy and conflict resolution in the online setting. You can join Soliya’s existing training to engage in and learn with diverse, international groups, or request customized training solutions to meet your needs. 

Below is a description of Soliya’s training opportunities divided into our extensive Online Dialogue Facilitation Training, designed as a comprehensive experience to fully equip trainees on the arts dialogue facilitation, and Professional Development Workshops for short and targeted training opportunities revolving around specific themes.


Online Dialogue Facilitation Training

Introduction to Online Dialogue Facilitation Course  

Goals: Designed for people who are new to dialogue facilitation, or new to facilitating online, this course introduces the foundations of online dialogue facilitation. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will:

  • Understand the functions of dialogue and virtual exchange

  • Be able to identify key principles and components of facilitation

  • Gain basic skills and approaches to successfully facilitate online 

Duration: 4 weeks

Time Commitment: 12 hours asynchronous, with 3 optional live sessions

Language: English

Cost: $85 per participant. Soliya has limited full and partial scholarships for this course, submit an application and we will get back to you about availability.

How to Apply: Applicants can join an existing round here

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Advanced Facilitation Training  

Goals: This training is designed for professionals looking to deepen their understanding on dialogue facilitation, and gain experience in facilitating and promoting constructive engagement in the online context. This extensive training focuses on best practices of online facilitation and communication but is relevant also to in-person context.

Duration: 5 or 10-week formats

Time Commitment: 20 hours of live training + 12-15 hours of homework

Language: English or Arabic


The Advanced Facilitation Training includes the following components:

  • Skill-building activities in various facilitation tools such as active listening, summarizing and reframing, observations, and addressing diverse, challenging group dynamics

  • Several opportunities for hands-on facilitation practice to promote constructive online engagement and communication

  • Extensive, individualized feedback from trainers

  • Open discussions to build skills and self-awareness among facilitators about their own perspectives and facilitation style

  • Access to Soliya’s learning materials on dialogue facilitation and cross-cultural communication


Cost: $415 per participant. If you would like to join our existing training rounds, Soliya has a limited amount of scholarships, submit an application and we will get back to you on availability. If you’d like us to run a training round outside of our regular schedule or specifically for your team or organization, then contact us for a quote by submitting a query

How to Apply: 

  • To register individually for an existing round, click here

  • To organize a training specific to your organization, please submit your query here.


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Professional Development Workshops


Goals: These theme-based workshops introduce various concepts and tools, designed for professionals interested to learn more about these areas. 

Duration: either one or two sessions of 2 hours each

Time Commitment: 2 to 4 hours of live training

Language: English

Cost: $75 / participant, special rates for Soliya facilitators 

How to Apply: Email to schedule a workshop specifically for your team. Min group of 8 to start a workshop

Workshop Themes (click on the workshop titles for more information)


Constructive communication in times of tension 


Building empathy online


Managing emotions in online discussions 


Constructive online engagement/starting online facilitation 


Constructive online engagement - teacher edition 


Communicating in multicultural environments 


Convening people in dialogue