Soliya Joins Panel Discussion on Global Learning During Covid-19

June 10, 2020

Soliya's Ayca Ariyoruk, Director of Global Partnerships and Communication, participated in American College Casablanca's panel on global learning during covid-19. She referenced the importance of global competence in the 21st Century, which includes fostering greater awareness of both the self and the other: having the capacity and willingness to understand not only 'what' you and others think but also 'why' you and others think that. "Global competence includes understanding our brains - how and when our brains make shortcuts, which is when we generalize and stereotype - and knowing our biases so we can resolve conflict effectively." Ayca also explained how virtual exchange, in its merging of curriculum and technology, can foster the sense of community that young learners need, whether in a pandemic or otherwise. "The secret sauce to empathy is human connection. Working with a scientist, we saw that, in a controlled environment paired with pedagogy, we can achieve empathy through technology." Watch the recording of the panel discussion here.   

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