Connect Program Collaborate | Program Launch & Competition

May 31, 2018

This spring 2018, we were excited to launch the pilot round of a new virtual exchange initiative, Connect Program Collaborate.

The Connect Program Collaborate gives young adults the experience of working across countries and continents without leaving their hometowns or campuses. Throughout the five-week program, young adults meet online in our Exchange Portal to speak—face-to-face and live—and collaborate with their global peers on an awareness campaign about poverty or migration. They’re exposed to a diversity of views and identities and encouraged by trained facilitators to speak openly and honestly, allowing them to practice critical thinking, curiosity, cross-cultural communication, empathy, and team work. In completing an infographic on a relevant issue, they also build self-efficacy and a sense of global citizenship and belonging. Empowered with these skills and attitudes, participants are better prepared to live and work in the 21st Century. Connect Program Collaborate is an innovation of our flagship Connect Program, maintaing the same program model and focus on facilitated dialogue while engaging young adults in a more collaboration-oriented process.

The program also included a competition: we published all finished campaigns on our social media accounts and asked the public to vote on their favorite. Check out the winning campaign, on migration, below!

Congratulations to the winning group, which included students from Morocco, Jordan, Italy, and Germany! And congratulations to all participants, whose campaigns can be viewed on our social media accounts:

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