Trainers are a specialized group of individuals with extensive facilitation and coaching experience. They lead training sessions, provide feedback, and assess trainees as they guide them in the group learning process. Trainers are key in building the facilitator community and helping individuals hone and refine their facilitation skills.

To apply, you must have experience facilitating and coaching for the Connect Program (ideally two successful facilitation semesters and one coaching semester). Successful applicants will receive a Training of Trainers (which includes one cycle of training a group) and must commit approximately 5 hours per week per training group in Soliya-related activities. Trainer levels include:

  • Co-Trainers are individuals who have just completed their Training of Trainers and are beginning to co-train sessions with a more experienced Soliya trainer.  After training six training groups as a co-trainer over a two-year period, or four training groups over a one-year period, Co-Trainers become eligible to become Senior Trainers.
  • Senior Trainers can solo train all groups, except for those in intensive training. Though unpaid, Senior Trainers who train several groups may receive a stipend.
  • Lead Trainers: Senior Trainers become Lead Trainers when they train three or more groups each cycle for at least three training cycles each year. Lead Trainers received stipends whenever they train three or more groups per cycle and receive priority placement (limited only by scheduling restrictions and group availability).