A screenshot of the Soliya team in the Exchange Portal, our video conferencing platform.

Get Involved

To ensure that all young people have the opportunity to engage in a cross-cultural exchange experience, we seek partnerships, volunteers, and supporters.

There are a number of ways to join our global community of people committed to a brighter tomorrow.



Apply to be a Facilitator

Volunteer with Soliya! Qualified applicants will receive facilitation training and can volunteer to serve as facilitators for the Connect Program. Learn More about Facilitation Training » or Apply »



Apply for Connect Program

Get your university involved if you are a professor or a university administrator. Learn More about Connect » or Apply »



Want to Get Your Organization Involved?

Let us know about your project and how we can collaborate. Tell us about your project »



Job Opportunities

As an organization that reflects intercultural diversity and works internationally, Soliya encourages applicants from all backgrounds to apply for positions in our North American and MENA offices. We seek global citizens committed to fostering or learning about cross-cultural understanding and peace. View Careers »




If you are inspired by what we are doing and want to help move us toward a world in which we approach our differences with greater cooperation and compassion, you can make a tax-deductible contribution. Donate »



Stay Informed

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